Palestinian rioters in Gaza have hurled an explosive device and firebombs at Israeli troops deployed at the border, during what the Israel Defense Forces described as “several attempts” to damage the fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip and cross over into Israeli territory.

Some 10,000 Palestinians have taken part in violent riots in five locations along the length of the border, which also includes the burning of Israel flags and pictures.

This is the third week of violent protests on the Israeli-Gaza border. Here is what is happening right now. Time of report in parentheses (UK time/Israel time).

(9 AM/11 AM)

100,000 rioters keep protesting violently (8 AM/10 AM)

Explosive device detonated (8 AM/10 AM)

Palestinians fly explosive kites (8 AM/10 AM)

Little girls present at the March (8 AM/ 10 AM)

Palestinian flag raised near the border (7 AM/9 AM)

IDF reports riots in the morning (6 AM/8 AM)

Palestinians collecting tyres (6 AM/8 AM)

Palestinian rioters breach the security infrastructure and engage in violent provocations (6 AM/8 AM)

IDF responds accordingly (6 AM/8 AM)