Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made an insane prediction that the Palestinians would eventually “establish a government in Tel Aviv”.

His comments came during a meeting in Tehran with Ziad al-Nakhala, head of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, which is based in the Gaza Strip.

“Palestine will remain powerful and the Palestinian nation’s final victory will take place in near future with the grace of God,” said Khamenei.

“As long as there is resistance, the Zionist regime’s downfall and demise will continue.” The resistance he is talking about is Palestinian terrorism.

“During the past years, the Palestinian people’s victory was not (to the extent) to establish a government in Tel Aviv, which that will be realized with the grace of God, but the main victory was bringing the Zionist regime to knees, a feat that Arab armies could never accomplish,” continued Khamenei.

“The Zionist regime called for a ceasefire in the two previous wars, one after 22 days and another after eight days. In the last clash, the regime (also) called for a ceasefire after 48 hours. This means bringing the occupying Zionist regime to knees,” claimed Khamenei.

He also that Iran will never back away from supporting “Palestine” despite the heavy pressure from the world’s “arrogant powers”.

“These forces will never make us abandon our divine, sacred and rational responsibility of supporting Palestine,” Khamenei insisted.