A Budapest resident was recently arrested after cursing two Israelis whom he heard speaking Hebrew, telling them “dirty Jews – it’s a shame Hitler didn’t finish the job. If I had a rifle, I’d shoot you.” One of these Israelis was Israel’s Consul in Hungary, Motti Rave, who called the police.

Rave, whose father was a Holocaust survivor, was standing outside the famous Dunapark Café near the Danube river, in Budapest’s 13th district – an area in which many Jews reside – and the two were waiting for family members while having a quiet conversation in Hebrew.

An older Hungarian man sitting on a nearby bench heard them and started accosting them, repeatedly saying “You’re dirty Jews, it’s a shame Hitler didn’t finish the job” in Hungarian.

Rave, who understands Hungarian, turned to the man and asked him to stop, warning him that if he continued with his anti-Semitic comments, Rave would have no choice but to involve the police.

“I wish I had a rifle, I’d shoot you all,” the Hungarian responded.

Rave then called the Israeli Embassy’s head of security, who called the police. A police patrol that arrived at the scene arrested the man.

Hungary’s attorney general later asked Rave to testify on the incident so the Hungarian man could be prosecuted for anti-Semitic behavior.

“I have personally never encountered such blunt anti-Semitic behavior,” Rave said. “I unfortunately heard of similar cases in Hungary but it hasn’t happened to me yet. Due to the gravity of the things that were said, I decided there was no choice but to call the police and file a complaint against him. The Hungarian policemen definitely wanted to help and immediately arrested the man.”

Source: YNetNews