A survey conducted over the past 18 months has come up with some interesting statistics regarding the way the French public view their Jewish community.

The poll, commissioned by the Foundation du Judaisme (FJF) and conducted by IPSOS, found the following facts:

  • 51% of the French consider that Jews have valid reasons to be afraid of living in France (16 points up compared to a 2014 survey).
  • The French are well aware that Jews are leaving – 26% of respondents qualify the departures as “massive” or “important” (8 points up from 2014).
  • The departures are perceived as being caused by anti-Semitism – 70% think that Jews who emigrate to Israel (and other countries) do so because they fear a rise in anti-Semitism (29 points up from  2014).
  • These departures do not bother a majority of the French and some are happy about it: 60% feel that the fact that Jews are leaving is neither a good nor a bad thing, 33% that it is a bad thing and 7% a good thing.

This time last year the organisation released the first part of this survey that revealed the following stats:

  • 60% of the French believe that Jews “bear at least some responsibility” for recent rises in anti-Semitism.
  • The study also found that 56% believe that Jews have a “lot of power” and are richer than average.
  • 40% said that Jews are “a little too present in the media”.

The survey throws up some interesting statistics and is surely something to pray about.