This week, Bahrain hosted its first Jewish wedding in 52 years – another important milestone for the new friend of Israel.

Bahrain is one of several Gulf States that is part of the Abraham Accords that were signed last year marking the first time Israel established diplomatic relations with a number of Arab nations.

Sunday’s wedding was fully kosher and was held at the Ritz Carlton in the capital Manama where the son of Ambassador Houda Nonoo was married to his wife.

Ambassador Nonoo said of the event, “Yesterday was historic as we celebrated the first Jewish wedding in #Bahrain in 52 years! While I know that every mother thinks their child’s wedding is monumental, this one truly was! it’s very hard to find adequate words to describe how much it means for it to be my son.”

Rabbi Elie Abadie officiated the event and said: “All weddings are exciting events as we celebrate the creation of a new Jewish family. This wedding was even more significant as it was the first Jewish wedding in more than half a century in the GCC’s only indigenous Jewish community.”

“It is so fulfilling for me to see a resurgence of Jewish life in this region and to assist families throughout the region pray and experience lifecycle events in the Gulf Cooperation Council,” he added.

It is wonderful to see Jewish life being accepted and allowed to thrive in these nations. We pray that peace will continue to thrive.

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