16yr old Israeli boy stabbed multiple times in Jerusalem, walks away in stable condition

A Palestinian teenager stabbed an Israeli youth in the capital around noon, police said.

The attacker fled the scene. A suspect, matching the description of the attacker, was later caught by police. Early reports said he was an 18-year-old resident of Hebron in the West Bank.

The victim, 16, was lightly injured in the attack, according to emergency medical personnel at the scene. He suffered from stab wounds to his upper body, but was in stable condition, Magen David Adom paramedics said.

“When we arrived at the scene, there was a mass of people and security forces. They led us to a 16-year-old boy, who was fully conscious,” said Zohar Maman, one of the first paramedics to arrived at the scene. “He was walking around and complaining of pain in his shoulder. During a medical examination, we found multiple stab wounds. We gave him medical treatment and transported him to the hospital.”

Source: Times of Israel

Police officer stabbed, attacker shot and killed by other officers

Several minutes later, a Palestinian stabbed a police officer in Kiryat Arba, adjacent to Hebron. The officer was lightly wounded and the stabber was shot and killed by other officers.

Police said that he had tried to grab the officer’s gun after stabbing him.

Paramedics treated the officer, 47, at the scene before evacuating him to Shaare Zedek Medical center in Jerusalem, MDA said. He suffered from wounds to his limbs, police said.

Source: Times of Israel (Scroll down in link to read this incident)

Female soldier and four civilians injured in stabbing attack in Tel Aviv, attacker killed

A female IDF soldier and four other Israelis were injured on Thursday afternoon by a Palestinian man who stabbed them with a screwdriver in Tel Aviv, near the Defense Ministry and IDF headquarters complex

The assailant fled the scene but was soon shot dead by security forces in the area of Menachem Begin Road.

Initial reports said the stabber attacked the soldier, wounding her in the head, and then made a failed attempt to seize her gun. As he fled the assailant attacked the four others.

Source: Times of Israel

Man seriously injured in stabbing attack, suspect got away

A Palestinian suspect stabbed an Israeli man in the back Thursday near the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, next to the West Bank city of Hebron

Magen David Adom paramedics believed the man was stabbed in Hebron, but managed to make his way to the nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba on his own.

The IDF said in a statement that troops were engaged in a manhunt for the suspect.

Source: Times of Israel 

Netanyahu “strongly condemns” Jewish teen ‘revenge’ attack on four Arab Israelis

An Israeli teenager on Friday morning went on a stabbing spree in the southern city of Dimona, wounding three Palestinian men and a Bedouin Arab.

Two men were moderately to seriously wounded, while two other victims were being treated for light wounds, the Magen David Adom first-aid service and police said. Three were being evacuated to Soroka Hospital in nearby Beersheba, MDA said

The stabber attacked one man at a shopping center and then advanced to another scene next to a local school, where he stabbed three others. A security guard then tackled and restrained the suspect, 17, until police arrived.

The suspect, who reports said has a criminal background and a history of psychiatric issues, confessed to the stabbing, saying that he thought all Arabs were “terrorists.”

The prime minister strongly condemned the attack, saying violence against innocent Arabs is unacceptable. “Israel is a country of law and order,” he said. “We bring anyone to justice who commits acts of violence, on either side, Jew or Arab.”

Source: Times of Israel

Israeli Soldier stabbed in Afula

An IDF soldier was stabbed in the northern city of Afula, in the latest of a string of attacks on Israelis around the country on Thursday. The suspected attacker was apprehended by police.

Source: Times of Israel

Israeli police officer stabbed, attacker shot and arrested

Arab woman who attempted to stab security guard is shot and arrested

The woman shot by security forces in the northern city of Afula on Friday morning after trying to stab a security guard has been identified as a resident of the predominantly Arab city of Nazareth.

The woman, whose name has yet to be announced, was shot after she brandished a knife and attempted to stab a security guard, police said.

Footage captured at the scene shows the woman holding a knife, while surrounded by IDF soldiers and security guards. In Hebrew and English, they instructed the woman to put down her weapon.

Israel Police arrived at the scene and again told the woman to drop the knife. Finally, when she refused again, soldiers and police officers shot her in the lower body.

The woman sustained moderate wounds and was evacuated to the city’s Ha’emek Hospital, emergency medical services said.

Source: Times of Israel