Renowned Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt was disrupted by a group of anti-Israel activists during a talk on anti-Semitism at the University of California, Berkeley, last Thursday.

In a Twitter thread posted on Sunday, Lipstadt pointed out that her lecture was on present-day anti-Semitism and had nothing to do with Israel, implying that the protesters had targeted her because she was a Jew speaking on Jewish issues.

“My talk was about anti-Semitism here and now,” she tweeted. “Not about Israel. Three protesters positioned themselves next to me with signs attacking Israel.”

“In the talk, when I spoke about anti-Semitism from the left, I mentioned that many people refuse to see anti-Semitism as legitimate,” Lipstadt said. “They dismiss claims of anti-Semitism as simply being a sop to protect Israel. This is the only prejudice those on the left refuse to take seriously.”

“I want to thank the protesters for making my point more clearly than my words could,” she stated.

Lipstadt noted she had ignored the protesters, as she had “far more important things to discuss.”

Source: The Algemeiner