The absolutely horrific situation that we are seeing on college campuses in America is an eye opening moment for all of us. This is hatred of Jews being manifested in grotesque ways by students at some of America’s most prestigious schools.

Some have tried to characterise these protests as “peaceful” but the chants of “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now” soon changed into “Death to Israel” and “Burn Tel Aviv to the Ground”.

Columbia University in New York has seen open support for terrorism, pro-Israel students have been physically attacked, and Jewish students and teachers have been harassed and blocked from entering the college. All the while the administration of this university has done nothing to remedy the situation.

These radical anti-Israel activists have tried to intimidate Jewish students at every opportunity, even linking arms and blocking visibly Jewish students from entering. We’ve even heard protesters saying “We are all Hamas” and mocking taunts about the hostages never returning home “because they’re all dead.” And one leader of the protests believes “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

At Yale, antisemitic protesters were filmed linking arms and blocking Jewish students from entering the university.

This is exactly what Hitler Youth did in the 1930s when they stopped Germany’s Jewish students from studying in universities. That comparison was not lost on the internet.

In another bizarre video you see how students form together in an almost robotic fashion after a ‘Zionist’ (someone wearing a Star of David necklace) walks into the encampment.

Professor Shai Davidai, a Jewish professor at Columbia, has been raising the alarm for weeks about the presence of pro-terror sentiments among the students that was spreading, but his concerns were largely dismissed by the college.

This week, Shai’s ID was deactivated, blocking him from entering the campus. The college administration said it was for his own protection, but when a Jewish college professor is unable to be protected at his place of work, it tells you something seriously bad is happening there.

It is clear there has been a catastrophic failure by the campus administrators to deal with this issue. The leadership of the college ignored warnings and allowed an environment for antisemitism to fester. Now that things seem out of control, they have again tried to sidestep the issue and have reverted all classes the being online only, rather than dealing with the protesters causing this disruption.

It should be noted that Columbia University is home to over 36,000 students. The majority of these students are uninvolved in these protests and simply want to get on with their education. This disruption is caused by a vocal and hate-filled minority that is causing problems for everyone.

The weak response to these protests is causing the hatred to spread to other campuses around America, and we are likely see some incidents here on British campuses also.

It should be noted that these anti-Israel students are also anti-America and the West. Flyers in Michigan said that in order for Palestine to be free it meant death to America. We’ve said for a long time that what starts as antisemitism always morphs into hatred of other groups. In other words, what begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews.

A White House statement briefly addressed this issue, stating it was concerned by “alarming rhetoric”, but that is not strong enough. This kind of bigotry cannot be resolved with words, there needs to be strong leadership and action.

Jewish students must feel safe in every campus. Zionists are entitled to safety. Jewish professors should be able to conduct their work without having to deal with open hatred. It is disgraceful that the victims are being blocked from campus while the perpetrators are allowed to stay on campus grounds and continue their illegal activities.

As Ben Shapiro notes: “These are illegal protests that are designed to intimidate, obstruct, and harass Jewish students in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. As everyone knows, if these protests were harassing black students and calling for their extermination, they wouldn’t last one second on campus.”

In the end, none of these protests are going to change anything in Gaza. The people of Gaza will continue to suffer as Hamas uses them as pawns and human shields in their war against the Jews. Until Hamas puts down its weapons, the situation in Gaza will not improve.

Likewise, institutions in the West are being overrun by radical groups who are promoting anti-Israel, antisemitic, and anti-Christian sentiments and enough is not being done to push back against this evil.

We must all speak up about this and demand action. We must also pray. Pray for Jewish students who are fearful of even going into their university at this time. Also, pray for Christian students to rise up and stand alongside their Jewish friends. We know there are many pro-Israel Christians in America and this is reflected within college campuses.

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