The United Nations could be about to take further action against Israel this month, with a crucial peace summit taking place in Paris on Sunday.

Israel is making “a very great effort” to prevent another anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council, according to comments made by Benjamin Netanyahu at his weekly cabinet meeting.

Israel’s PM also pointed out that the Frenchled Mideast summit in Paris, which Netanyahu has adamantly opposed, is scheduled to take place on Sunday 15th January.


Netanyahu has said in recent days that he is worried decisions made at the conference will be turned into a resolution on the diplomatic process that will then be taken to the Security Council, which is set to meet just a few days before President Obama’s presidential term is set to end.

Concerns that the UN could be about to vote on another anti-Israel resolution, were recently raised by Former Commander of the British Army in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, warning that another resolution, masterminded by President Obama, could be voted on as early as 17 January and would lead to “recognition of a Palestinian state and a demand for the state of Israel to be defined on the 1967 borders”.

Britain would be able to stop this diplomatically if it chose to, but the intervention would need to come from Theresa May as the Foreign Office lacked “courage”, he said.

Concerns about how the UK would vote on another biased resolution at the UN are quite justified. On 23 December, the UK voted in favour of UNSC 2334 on Israeli settlements, and failed to use its veto, as did the US, which abstained.

CUFI-UK has been urging its supporters to contact Theresa May and their MP following the UK’s vote on 23 December. With another vote possibly in the pipeline, every email to the Prime Minister serves as demonstrating how important we feel it is that Britain rejects biased resolutions against Israel. 

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