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Signatories of this petition:

Express condemnation of discrimination, hate speech and other forms of anti-Semitic attitudes toward people because of their Jewish faith.

Acknowledge the tremendous contribution that our Judeo-Christian heritage has had in shaping our British values.

We also call upon governments to:

  • Commit resources to assure that Jewish people are safe to live and practice their religion.
  • Protect and enforce legislation that allows for the prosecution of anti-Semitic behaviour.
  • Support the notion that values such as freedom of speech do not automatically permit the expression of hatred towards any religious group.
  • Uphold its commitment in assuring that important historical events, such as The Holocaust, remain in compulsory education.
  • Endorse the notion that universities and colleges prevent the hosting of guest speakers that have a proven record of hate speech towards the Jewish people.

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Number of Signatures: 10,222


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