It might surprise you to learn that the terror group Hamas is only banned in part here in the United Kingdom. As a supporter of CUFI, will you please contact your MP urging the UK government to proscribe Hamas in its entirety.


Hamas has been responsible for four major conflicts and thousands of civilian deaths in Israel and Gaza. It has committed a multitude of war crimes such as the direct and indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations, use of human shields, enlistment of children and hostage-taking. It also engages in the wholesale oppression and persecution of Christians and other minorities. Its charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

It is unacceptable that in 2001 the UK Home Office proscribed only its military wing as a terror group, leaving its so-called political wing operating freely. Consequently, the UK has become a safe harbour for Hamas to operate in, spreading its hateful ideologies of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and radical Islam. This must change.

It must be made clear, the military and political infrastructures of Hamas are inseparable. We believe there are MPs that are probably unaware that Hamas isn’t fully banned and will respond willingly upon receiving your email. Other UK politicians however have urged for engagement and even negotiation with this vicious Iranian-financed terror group. This must be addressed.

Hamas has been outlawed in its entirety by other nations including the USA, Canada and Japan. We believe the UK should do likewise.

Allowing Hamas’ to operate in the UK serves to legitimise the organisation, but in a few simple steps you can send an email with suggested wording to help get Britain back on track in the fight against terror by condemning Hamas and supporting innocent lives in Israel and Gaza.

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What is Hamas?

Hamas in their own words

Israel fights to protect its civilians.
Hamas uses civilians to protect itself.


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New photos: Hamas and Taliban met in Qatar

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