A touching new video shows eight-year-old Emily Ya’ari traveling to Uganda to see first-hand how the organisation her mother founded uses Israeli technologies to save lives in Africa.

Emily’s mother, Sivan Ya’ari, is the founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, a humanitarian organisation that uses Israeli agricultural technology to supply clean water and solar energy to remote African villages. It’s a not-for-profit that has installed 130+ projects in seven African countries, improving the lives of over 1 million people.

Ya’ari, said, “Clean water exists in abundance right under the feet of the locals in aquifers, sometimes only by a depth of a few meters. And energy we have from a never-ending source: the sun. Because Israel is also faced with similar challenges, the technology already existed, and we didn’t need to invent anything new. We built a solar-powered model that can pump water from the aquifers [with] computers [that transmit] data to Israel, and notify us of any irregularities.”

Lior Sperandeo, an Emmy Award nominated Cinematographer from Tel Aviv, last year traveled to Uganada with the team and said, “Ya’ari keeps a very tight schedule; She works around the clock, visiting village after village, with her team of Israeli and local professionals.”

“Whenever she arrives at a new village, songs and dances greet her. If you listen carefully, you can hear one word repeated often: “Israel.” Through her mission, Ya’ari serves as something of an informal ambassador.”

Below is another great video of Ya’ari speaking at Tedx in Tel Aviv last year.