The shortlist of designs for the UK’s National Holocaust Memorial and learning centre are now on display at the V&A and online. What’s more, you are able to have a say in the final selection.

The UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation (HMF) describes the proposed monument as follows:

The new National Holocaust Memorial and learning centre is planned to open in 2021 will stand in the shadow of Parliament, at the heart of our democracy, in Victoria Tower Gardens. This striking new structure will honour victims and survivors of Nazi persecution. It will also educate future generations about the dangers of prejudice and hatred, and serve as a powerful statement of our values as a nation.

In September 2016, the HMF launched an international design competition and ninety-two teams expressed their interest in the project. Ten of those designs have been shortlisted and are currently on display at the V&A and online.

The wonderful part of this is that you can have your say. There is an online form here which allows you to click on the design you like and give feedback on which parts you like and dislike.

There is no voting system, it is not a popularity contest. Instead, a jury will put together the feedback they receive from the public, as well as from Holocaust remembrance and education experts and technical consultants, to choose the design that is right for the nation.

We recommend you take a look at all the ten designs and let the jury know your thoughts.

This is a national memorial to the Holocaust that will be built in the heart of Westminster, in the shadow of parliament. We at Christians United for Israel UK think this is a wonderful endeavour. We fully support nthis project and the work of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation and look forward to the opening of the memorial in 2021.

To see the shortlisted designs, click here.

To give feedback on the designs, click here.