Britain, France and Germany say they “deeply regret” Iran’s decision to restrict site inspections by the UN’s nuclear watchdog. Iran made its decision after the Biden administration rightly refused to lift existing sanctions on the regime until they return to the terms of the JCPOA.

The three European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran say they are “united in underlining the dangerous nature of this decision.”

“It will significantly constrain the (International Atomic Energy Agency’s) access to sites and to safeguards-relevant information,” they add.

Unfortunately, the three nations continue to treat Iran with the respect it has not earned. Iran continually flouts the rules of the Iran Nuclear Deal and has increased its production of enriched uranium well past the levels stated within the deal. At this point, due to Iran’s actions, the UK, France and Germany should be heavily penalising Iran with sanctions in order to force Iran’s leaders to change their actions and stop this aggressive behaviour.

We want to see the UK take a leading role in standing up to Iran’s aggressive activities, especially as they threaten our ally Israel. Instead, we appear to be being led by France and Germany while waiting for America to make the key decisions in all of this.

Britain should walk away from the Iran nuclear deal and put pressure on those who sow terrorism in the region and threaten our allies. Instead, we are showing ourselves to be weak and feeble in the face of Iranian threats.

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