It is fashionable in progressive circles to blame Israel for the lack of peace with the Palestinians.  But that is a terrible misunderstanding at best and a disgusting lie at worst.   

Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the Taylor Force Act, legislation to cut off foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.  Why did senators take this extraordinary step?  Because the Palestinian Authority is subsidizing terrorism — paying stipends to jihadis and their families to kill innocent Israelis.

In what civilized world is that acceptable?  Of course, it is not, and that is why Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is not a serious peace partner for Israel.

Reinforcing the Palestinian Authority’s official “pay-to-slay” scheme is a culture drenched in hate and violence.  As the “Stabbing Intifada” terrorized innocent Israelis, Palestinians were singing along to hugely popular songs like “Lovers of Stabbing.”

And as protests and riots broke out over commonsense security measures at the Temple Mount, a new music video debuted on social media with the hashtag #Rage_For_Al-Aqsa.  Just consider these lyrics:

“Oh Shin Bet agent, soldier, settler, policeman, I will attack you, tear you apart, and stab you. I will do what’s never been done before for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, so that the Jews will know who I am — a Muslim, an Arab, a Palestinian. I will kill you, I swear by my religion.

“An enemy lies in wait for you in every alley. You will be killed, I guarantee. An axe, a knife, a gun, or a rifle will kill you — yes, kill, not take you prisoner. I will cleanse my country of every Jew. I will strive for that with all my might. I swear to do that with my own two hands.”

Surrounded by such hate, it’s not surprising that Israelis are increasingly pessimistic about the prospects for peace with their Palestinian neighbors.  A new poll by the Israel Democracy Institute at Tel Aviv University finds that 64% of Israelis support peace talks with the Palestinians.  But 76% don’t believe new talks will lead to peace.

As the Israel Democracy Institute poll makes clear, Israelis desperately want peace.  What is less clear is whether the Palestinians are capable of it.  Their popular culture and official policies are the reasons why there is no peace.

Please share this report with friends and family members who may be confused about the situation in the Middle East.  I especially hope you will share it with college-aged children who are about to head off to school.  Sadly, our so-called “institutions of higher learning” are increasingly hostile to Israel and are pushing false propaganda that portrays Israel as an oppressive “apartheid state.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Israel is the one state in the Middle East that shares our values of genuine tolerance and diversity.

It is no coincidence that the evil ideology that produces songs like “Lovers of Stabbing” is the same ideology that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11.  It is the same ideology that attacked nightclubs in Paris and Orlando, that bombed a concert in Manchester.  It is the same ideology that stabbed tourists to death in the streets of London and killed American veteran Taylor Force in the streets of Tel Aviv.

Israel is our ally because it shares our values.  And Israel’s enemies are our enemies.

Gary Bauer

CUFI Action Fund