Using our suggested wording, please email your MP and the Foreign Secretary to say NO to an arms embargo against Israel.

Last week, the UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, suggested the idea of an arms embargo against Israel if the Red Cross is not allowed to visit Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails. Not only has the Red Cross not been given access to Israeli hostages in Gaza, it is shameful that the UK’s foreign secretary would even consider Britain withholding military support. It would be a double standard, especially when the current government has repeatedly voiced support for Israel’s right to defend itself. 

Please join us in sharing this concern with your Member of Parliament with a copy to the UK Foreign Secretary. Send now.

Our suggested wording explains why Britain has a legitimate and moral part to play in equipping Israel to defend its civilians against terrorism and free the hostages. We also point out that if Israel reciprocated an arms embargo against Britain, UK national security would be harmed. It is also important that we do not cave in to the thuggery of the pro-Palestinian protests that have taken place outside Israeli defence companies operating in the UK.

Furthermore, enforcing an arms embargo against Israel would be a watershed moment for Britain and its relationship with Israel. It would be indicative of a nation that has capitulated to the enemies of Israel, despite outwardly telling the world we must stand up to terror. 

We must not allow this to happen. Make your voice heard NOW before it is too late.

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