• This week the UK voted FOR the UN resolution that Hamas praised.
  • Last week David Cameron raised idea of arms embargo against Israel.
  • CUFI UK issues warning about Britain turning its back on Israel.

In September 2022, the then Prime Minister, Liz Truss, confirmed to Israel that she was considering moving the British embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Just 18 months later, it is unbelievable how Britain has gone from almost recognising Jerusalem to considering imposing an arms embargo against the Jewish state.

Last week, the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that Britain could withhold weapons for Israel unless the Red Cross is allowed to visit Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails. The Red Cross hasn’t even visited Israeli civilians held hostage by terrorist in Gaza, but David Cameron failed to mention this. It is quite simply unacceptable for Britain to even consider an arms embargo against Israel when we are supposed to be allies, and a blatant double standard, especially when the current government has repeatedly voiced support for Israel’s right to defend itself and has told UK citizens under tragic circumstances on our own soil that Britain will not allow terrorists to win. Since Cameron’s comments, 107 MPs and 27 peers signed a letter calling for an arms embargo.

This is not the only sign of arrogance by the UK towards the Israel. In recent weeks, David Cameron said that the UK could recognise a Palestinian state before a peace treaty is formed in order to put Israel under pressure. And then this week the UK moved against Israel at the United Nations.

The UN voted in favour of an immediate ceasefire during Ramadan leading to a permanent ceasefire. It has been widely reported that the United States controversially failed to use its veto – opting to abstain – but we also need to be aware that the UK went even further by voting in support of the ceasefire. Why was this problematic? It is important to note that the resolution did not mention 7 October; it did not condemn Hamas, and whilst it did call for the release of the hostages, it was divorced from the call for a ceasefire. It is no wonder Hamas welcomed the passing of the resolution. In effect, Britain joined the voices calling for Israel to stop its attempt to defeat Hamas immediately without any condition placed on the terror group to release the hostages. This is not how one treats an ally.

The danger for Britain

The UK needs to stop and rethink its current attitude towards Israel before it is too late. Turning its back on Israel would be catastrophic for this nation.

For example, from a defence perspective, if Israel reciprocated an arms embargo against the UK, it would affect 2.7% of the UK’s total defence imports including UAVs, anti-tank missiles and armoured vehicle defence systems that are very important to the British military. Even more significant is the amount of counter-terrorism intelligence sharing that Israel provides the UK and vice-versa.

But more importantly is the spiritual implication of turning against Israel. As Christians, we take God’s Word seriously. And we believe that God meant what He said when He said that those that bless the nation of Israel will be blessed and those that curse the nation of Israel will be cursed. If Britain turns against Israel, it does so at its peril.

Tens of thousand of Christians stand with Israel in the UK. When the nation seems in danger of turning its back on Israel, the Church in Britain should be the first voice to sound a warning. Yet, incredibly, in September 2022 the Archbishop of Canterbury was one of the leading public figures that intervened to stop Liz Truss from announcing her intention to move the UK embassy to Jerusalem. And it was the leader of the Church of England again who intervened in October 2023, just two weeks after the 7 October massacre, calling for a ceasefire, which at the time was a break in UK government policy.

Fast-forward, and this week’s UN resolution proved that it is now UK government policy. Perhaps the Church’s interventions in both cases were underestimated, but the Church’s influence in the nation’s moral compass should not be overlooked. That should cause us to call out when Church leaders compromise when it comes to Israel. Britain turning its back on Israel would be catastrophic for this nation and sadly the established Church is at risk of being complicit. 

Thankfully, there are many Christians who have chosen to say, “Because I am a Christian, I stand with Israel”. Thousands have signed a CUFI pledge that you can sign by going to the following link to demonstrate that there is an overwhelming number of Christians that will not be silent and want to bless Israel and the Jewish people. Please go to www.cufi.org.uk/Pledge

An arms embargo against Israel would be a watershed moment for Britain and its relationship with Israel. It would be indicative of a nation that has capitulated to the enemies of Israel, despite outwardly telling the world that we must stand up to terror.

We must not allow this to happen. Make your voice heard NOW before it is too late.

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