The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have announced that British engineering firm Rolls Royce and Israeli airline EL AL have signed the “largest ever trade deal” between Israel and the UK this week.

Barry Grossman, the Director of Trade and Investment at British Embassy Israel wrote the following:

“After two years of negotiations we succeeded. EL AL chose the Trent engine, giving Rolls-Royce a massive £1 billion win – and the UK its largest ever trade deal with Israel. David Maimon, President & CEO of EL AL, said that “there is a natural synergy between Boeing and Rolls-Royce”.

For EL AL, the Trent engine was right, the price was right and, no less important, working with Rolls-Royce felt right. Now we just have to wait and see if the new Dreamliner will enable EL AL to get me to my destination on time – and with extra leg room.”

This is wonderful news for both the UK and Israel and we hope many more trade deals can be made between our greatest ally in the Middle East.