Two French Jewish brothers were violently attacked by a group of men in Paris, it was reported on Thursday. An attacker attempted to cut off one of the brothers fingers with a wood saw.

The brothers, aged 29 and 17, were driving in a Paris suburb when they were forced off the road by another vehicle whose driver and passenger were shouting, “You dirty Jews, you’re going to die!”

After the brothers were forced to stop, their vehicle was surrounded by a group of men, described as having Middle Eastern appearance. They were removed from the car and violently attacked.

Armand Azoulay, the father of the brothers and the leader of the Jewish community in Bondy, said the attackers then “grabbed my son by the throat” and took out a “wood saw”. One of the attackers attempted to saw off his finger, but did not succeed.

There was an earlier rumour that one of the brothers had one of his fingers sawed off completely, but Azoulay clarified this was not the case when speaking to i24News.

The brothers were hospitalised for their injuries and said to be in a state of shock.

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