Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week blasted the media and the political left for creating “endless stories and headlines” in an attempt to bring him down.

Netanyahu was speaking at a Likud-sponsored rally where thousands of supporters gathered to show their support for the Prime Minister after reports of various scandals, which are claimed to involve Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister told those gathered that the media  “are engaged in an obsessive witch hunt against me and my family in order to execute a coup.”

He continued, the “‘fake news’ media told us that if we didn’t withdraw from part of the motherland, Israel would be isolated.

“What did that old guy with a new beard [a reference to former prime minister Ehud Barak] say? He said the ‘diplomatic tsunami’ is coming. What Tsunami? What isolation? What nonsense. Israel is flourishing in an unprecedented way.”

Speaking to the Israelis gathered he said, “over the past few days you have showered us with support and with love, to a degree that I can’t remember.”

“One person told me wisely that ‘they aren’t only looking to bring you down. They want to bring us down, all of us, the Likud and the entire nationalist camp,” he continued.

“They know they can’t win at the ballot box, so they are trying to bypass democracy and to bring us down without elections.’

“And it’s no coincidence: They know it is no coincidence that we keep winning elections, because we have led Israel to the best situation the country has ever known,” Netanyahu said.

In recent weeks Netanyahu has been accused of bribery and fraud, which as you can see today, he completely denies.