During President Trump’s visit to Israel, he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with President Reuven Rivlin. He will also visit Yad Vashem, the Western Wall ad the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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Key events will appear here as they happen  (UK times in brackets):


14:35 (12:35): President Trump is speaking at Israel Museum: “I will always stand with Israel”


14:22 (12:22) LIVE: President Trump gives a keynote address at Israel Museum


14:04 (12:04) President Trump is set to give a keynote address at the Israel Museum shortly as supporters rally outside (Photo: Times of Israel)

Trump supporters outside the Israel Museum on May 23, 2017. (Melanie Lidman/Times of Israel)


13:43 (11:43) President Trump and Melania meet the sister of a Holocaust victm who donated an album to Yad Vashem. A replica is given to Trump



13:35 (11:35) PM Netanyahu is visibly moved after President Trump’s speech and thanks him for “incredible speech”



13:30 (11:30) LIVE: President Trump is giving a speech at Yad Vashem


13:17 (11:17): President Trump lights a candle at the eternal flame at Yad Vashem


13:12 (11:12) LIVE: President Trump with PM Netanyahu and their wives are visiting Yad Vashem and will lay a wreath in memory of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust


13:10 (11:10) President Trump arrives at Yad Vashem Holocaust museum


11:39 (09:39) Trump, Abbas meeting closes without mention of “Two-state solution” or “Palestinian state”

Times of Israel notes that Trump’s remarks in Bethlehem did not mention a Palestinian state or a two-state solution, phrases he has not uttered at all during his trip to Israel this far.


11:16 (09:16) President Trump condemns Manchester terror attack: “Terrorists are evil losers”

11:10 (09:10) Abbas and Trump complete meeting and give a statement


09:58 (07:58) President Trump arrives in Bethlehem to meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas



20:55 (18:55) Earlier today, President Trump became the first serving US President to visit the Western Wall:

If you missed it, here is the joint press conference with PM Netanyahu and President Trump 


20:40 (18:40) PM Netanyahu and President Trump have concluded their joint Press Conference and will now enjoy dinner.


20:22 (18:22) PM Netanyahu: “As we work together, the alliance between our countries will grow ever stronger.”


19:20 (17:20) Press Conference between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu expected imminently


18:20 (16:20) President Trump meets with Prime Minister Netanyanhu at King David Hotel


18:05 (16:05) Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu visit Hadassah Hospital


17:33 (15:33) President Trump arrives at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, will meet and have dinner with Prime Minister Netanyahu this evening.


17:31 (15:31) Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu are scheduled to visit children at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center shortly.


17:25 (15:35) Earlier, an Almond tree was planted in President Rivlin’s garden in honour of US President’s visit, featuring a quote from Psalms in Hebrew, English & Arabic.

“Request the welfare of Jerusalem; may those who love you enjoy tranquillity. May there be peace in your wall, tranquillity in your palaces (Psalm 122)”


16:30 (14:30) President Trump becomes first serving President to pray at Western Wall

Under heavy guard, Trump becomes the first serving US president to visit the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Trump appears to pray at the wall, places a note inside the crevices before backing away from the holy site.

Daughter Ivanka and First Lady Melania pray separately in the women’s section.


16:28 (14:28) President Trump prays at the Western Wall


16:23 (14:23) President Trump becomes first serving US President to visit Western Wall

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15:53 (13:53)  Representatives of the Catholic, Armenian and Greek-Orthodox church meet the President


15:45 (13:45) BREAKING: Donald Trump becomes the first serving US President to visit Jerusalem’s Old City


If you missed it…here is President Trump’s arrival speech


15:25 (13:25) President Trump heads to Old City Jerusalem

Trump’s convoy is headed to the Old City for his visit to the city’s ancient holy sites, starting with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The US president will be met at the ancient church by the Armenian and Greek Orthodox patriarchs of Jerusalem.

He will then head to the Western Wall.


15:05 (13:05) President Trump calls Israel an “amazing country” in press conference with President Rivlin

Trump tells Rivlin Israel is an “amazing country. What you’ve done perhaps has virtually never been done before. On my first trip overseas I’ve come to this ancient land to reaffirm the enduring friendship between the United States and the State of Israel.”


15:00 (13:00) LIVE NOW: President Trump and President Rivlin hold Press Conference


14:57 (12:57) “American is back” says President Rivlin


14:55 (12:55) A photo of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump’s signing of the visitor’s book (Twitter)


14:10 (12:10) President Trump and wife Melanie have are visiting the presidential residence in Jerusalem


13:44(11:44) Marine One lands in Jerusalem


13:20 (11:20) US President and his wife have left Ben Gurion airport and will now visit Presidential residence


13:07 (11:07) Pres Trump: “We have rare opportunity to bring stability and peace to this region”


13:00 (11:00) PM Netanyahu tells President Trump: “Mr. President, your visit is truly historic”


13:00 (11:00) President Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump’s gives speeches on the airport tarmac after singing both national anthems


12:10 (10:10) Air Force One lands in Ben Gurion Airport, President Trump’s visit begins


11:16 (09:16) – Air Force One landing delayed by half an hour

US President’s Donald visit to Israel will begin half an hour late, officials say. Instead of a planned landing at 12:10 p.m. and welcoming ceremony at the Ben Gurion Airport tarmac at 12:15, the ceremony is pushed back to 12:45.


10:28 (08:28) – Air Force One lifts off from Riyadh on way to Israel



18:46 (16:46) – PM Netanyahu speaks ahead of President Trump’s visit tomorrow: “The citizens of Israel will receive you with open arms”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:

“US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania will arrive tomorrow on an historic visit to the State of Israel. Senior administration and White House officials will arrive together with them. This is President Trump’s first visit outside the US, and the honor is ours that he has chosen to come to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and – of course – to the State of Israel.
I will discuss with President Trump ways to strengthen even further the first and strongest alliance with the US. We will strengthen security ties, which are strengthening daily, and we will also discuss ways to advance peace.
Mr. President, we look forward to your visit. The citizens of Israel will receive you with open arms.


11:09 (09:09) – Ben Gurion Airport prepares for President Trump’s arrival

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