In the latest anti-Semitic incident to hit the Labour party in recent months a Labour councillor who was suspended over offensive tweets has now resigned.

Luton’s youngest councillor, Aysegul Gurbuz, a 20-year-old student and Labour councillor was suspended on Sunday after anti-Semitic tweets were found on her twitter account. The tweets were made between 2011 and 2014 and contained statements including calling Adolf Hitler the “greatest man in history” and saying that when Iran gets nuclear weapons they will “wipe Israel off the map”.



On Monday the BBC reported that Miss Gurbuz had resigned. In a statement she apologised for letting down all those who voted for her and the Labour party itself.

The tweets were made when she was 16 and 17 years of age and she said “I am horrified to read back what was written and I apologise for them in their entirety”.


“Multiple people had access to my account and the tweets made do not reflect what I believe, but I take full responsibility for what was spoken in my name,” she said.

“I believe it is the right thing to acknowledge the pain I have caused and have resigned.”

Jeremy Corbyn insists that Labour is “absolutely resolute” about tackling “abhorrent” anti-Semitism the Independent reported on Sunday. His comments came after the Jewish Board of Deputies called for him to “take action” against racism in his party as Aysegul Gurbuz was suspended.

The Labour leader said there was “no place for any racism of any sort” and promised swift action in any cases which come to light.