A Jewish Labour member has been targeted at her own home after she raised concerns about anti-Semitism at a local constituency party meeting.

A poster of President Donald Trump was left on her front lawn,

The post appears to be a reference to comments made by Pete Willsman, one of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies in Labour’s NEC, who angrily argued that there was no anti-Semitism in the Labour party by saying, “I am not going to be lectured to by Trump fanatics making up duff information without any evidence at all.”

Dr Rebecca Moses, who lives in Wimbledon, has now reported the act, which she believes is a hate crime, to the police.

Shockingly, after Rebecca Moses tweeted the image she received a torrent of abuse from pro-Corbyn supporters.

One atrocious tweet came from Corbyn supporter, Tony Greenstein, who tweeted at her saying, “why did @labour_rebecca have nothing 2 say about the racism carried out in her name by Israel? & nothing to say about how antisemitism has been weaponed by people like @adamlangleben? did u ask why Trump supports both antisemites & Zionism? ur not very inquisitive for a PhD”.

Greenstein is attacking someone who has just been targeted in their own home. There is no requirement for a victim to first have condemned other people’s actions before they are allowed to speak out about abuse against themselves.

Abusive tweets like Greenstein’s were enough for Rebecca to close her Twitter account. And it is no wonder that Jews are feeling vulnerable when they are attacked in this manner by people who show no sympathy or understanding for what they are going through.

Fortunately, people also came to her defence. A number of Labour members, including MP Yvette Cooper, tweeted out after the incident.

“Rebecca this is appalling – so sorry you had to deal with this – sending you much love and solidarity”, Yvette Cooper MP tweeted.

Former Labour councillor Adam Langleben said he was appalled someone had looked up where Dr Moses lived to leave the poster.

He called it “racially motivated bullying of a Jewish Labour member and her family”, adding she was brave to speak out.