An Israeli flag displayed at the entrance to the “Expo 2015″ convention, in Milan, was vandalized by unknown culprits who sprayed it with red paint simulating blood.

The flag was displayed in the city’s Piazza Cordusio, along with the flags of many other countries, as part of the renowned international fair, which will be held this year in Milan starting May 1st. One of the main sites of interest is an exhibit on international investment, with pavilions representing different countries.

The local police in Milan spent hours examining video captured by security cameras in the area, trying to locate the anonymous culprit, according to Israel’s Walla news. The event’s organizers  said that the flag will be replaced as soon as possible.

Robert Hamaroni, the governor of Italy’s Lombardy region, of which Milan is the capital, is currently visiting Tel-Aviv. He said that, “We will use all of the means at our disposal, including civil defense and the police, to prevent further sabotage.” Hamaroni, who politically aligns with Italy’s far-right, said, “the destruction of the flag is an alarming display of intolerance.”

No suspect has yet been identified or caught in the case.

Source: Algemeiner