Israel’s Mossad provided intelligence leading to Germany’s arrest on Sunday, of an Iranian man suspected of planning a mass casualty attack.

German police have taken into custody a 32-year-old Iranian citizen suspected of having procured deadly poisons cyanide and ricin to commit an “Islamist-motivated” attack, authorities in western Germany said on Sunday, YNet reports.

Israeli sources confirmed the Mossad’s involvement after German Bild news paper reported a friendly nation’s intelligence agency provided critical information.

The residence of the suspect in the city of Castrop-Rauxel was searched as part of the investigation, according to a joint press release from the Duesseldorf public prosecutor’s office and police in the cities of Recklinghausen and Muenster.

“The suspect is suspected of having prepared a serious act of violence endangering the state by allegedly procuring cyanide and ricin to commit an Islamist-motivated attack,” the statement said.

This, police said, carries a prison sentence of between 6 months to 10 years.

In Israel, security officials are conducting further investigations, probing if the Iranian suspect’s was planning on harming Jewish or Israeli targets.

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