In his first interview with Palestinian media Defense Minister Avidgor Liberman stated that Israel has no interest in occupying the Gaza strip nor does Israel want another Gaza war however should one break out, it would be the last.

“We would destroy them,” Liberman stated.

Liberman also told Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds that Israel would be the first to lift the siege on Gaza, including the reconstruction its seaport, airport and industrial zones, however only once Hamas stops tunnel digging, rocket launching, and weapon smuggling.

“In recent years, Hamas has spent at least half a billion dollars on the military infrastructure in Gaza,” explained Liberman.

The defense minister made it clear that there would be no talks with Hamas, but also criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas saying he is unwilling to make difficult decisions or sign a final agreement.

Speaking about the rebuilding of trust between Israel and the Palestinians Liberman stated that “there must be three years without Israeli victims.”

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