Iran’s president threatened on Tuesday to flatten Tel Aviv and Haifa, as Israel marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, and a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Islamic Republic the modern-day equivalent of Nazi Germany.

The comments by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi came as the country marked its annual Army Day with fighter jets and helicopters flying overhead in Tehran, and Iranian submarines sailing across its waters during a ceremony carried live by state television. Speaking at the ceremony, Raisi threatened Israel, which is suspected of carrying out a series of attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear and military sites since the collapse of its deal with world powers.

“Enemies, particularly the Zionist regime, has receive the message that any tiny action against (our) country will prompt a harsh answer from the armed forces, which will accompany the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv,” Raisi said.

Speaking at a Yad Vashem national ceremony to mark the start of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday evening, Netanyahu likened today’s Iran to Nazi Germany as an entity currently representing an existential threat to the Jewish people, reprising a theme from his previous speeches for the same occasion.

Netanyahu said that the calls to exterminate the Jewish people have not stopped, and today come from Iran. He stressed that past victories do not guarantee future wins, saying Israel must be able to “defend itself by itself against any enemy, any threat.”

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This year, we want to do more to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

We know that as we bless Israel this year, God will bless us, just as He promised in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Now is the time to bless Israel and the Jewish people.