Jewish community representatives have reacted to the “disturbing” results of a poll showing that a third of British Muslims think Jews over-exaggerated the Holocaust and have too much power.

According to the Jewish News, Data emerged this week from respected polling company ICM, which interviewed 1,081 adults between April and May last year, for a Channel 4 programme called ‘What British Muslims Really Think,’ aired on Wednesday.

More than a quarter of respondents felt Jews were “responsible for most wars,” compared to a 6 per cent average across the UK, while almost four in ten felt Jews had “too much control over global affairs,” compared to a ten per cent average over the general population.

The survey also showed that 34 per cent “don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind,” with the same percentage thought that “Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust”.

Elsewhere, three in ten said Jews “think they are better than other people” and four in ten said Jews were “more loyal to Israel than to the UK,” but only a quarter felt anti-Semitism was a problem in the UK.

A spokesperson for the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “As with any poll of this kind we cannot be certain that it accurately reflects the views of British Muslims. However, if accurate, the findings are certainly disturbing and indicate that we need to redouble our efforts in the field of interfaith work and education to ensure that our communities are able to co-exist harmoniously.”

The findings shows the persistence of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish loyalty and Jewish power/control over various industries and sectors.

Of those polled, 40 per cent felt Jews have too much power over international financial markets, 44 percent felt Jews have too much power over business and 39 per cent felt Jews have too much power over the media.

“It is sad that ancient stereotypes still play out in society at large and in particular within parts of the Muslim community,” said Jewish Leadership Council Simon Johnson. “This report shows a clear need for further education.”

Source: Jewish News