(i24News) The brother of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was on Monday hospitalized in Tel Aviv in serious condition, Ynet reports. His arrival at and admission to the hospital took place in secret.

Abu Louai, who lives in Qatar and who turned 81 last month according to Ynet, was admitted to Assuta Medical Center, where Abbas’ wife and brother-in-law have previously been treated. Recently diagnose with cancer, Abu Louai chose to receive treatment in Israel.

Abbas’ brother initially began his treatment at Assuta, an expensive private hospital, before returning to Qatar after a stay of several days at the hospital. Now, ahead of his next treatment, he has once again been admitted to the Tel Aviv-based medical center, arriving via Jordan.

In summer 2014, Abbas’ wife, Amina Abbas, was admitted to Assuta for an operation on her leg. She returned to Ramallah after several days at the hospital.

Six months ago, just as the current escalation in violence was beginning, Abbas’ brother-in-law — Amina’s brother — was hospitalized at Assuta for life-saving heart surgery.

Meanwhile, Abbas on Tuesday embarked on a two-week tour that will take him to Turkey, France, Russia, Germany and New York, where the Palestinians are discussing a UN draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

In an interview with AFP, Abbas said his trip will promote two main projects, which he sees as complementary: a UN resolution condemning the settlements and the French peace initiative.

Israel has criticised the French plan to organise the international peace conference, but without rejecting it outright.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken out against “international dictates” and called for direct negotiations.

The latest declarations from both Netanyahu and Abbas that they are ready to meet at any time have failed to translate into action.

“I have said more than once that I am prepared to meet with Mr. Netanyahu and I am ready to receive him,” Abbas said in the interview.

“This is not the first time where I say I am ready to meet him whenever he wants.”

Source: i24News