The Czech Parliament has approved on Wednesday the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as the Jewish State celebrated Jerusalem Day.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification, the lower chamber of the Czech Republic’s bicameral parliament passed two pro-Israel resolutions.

112 of the 156 MPs in Prague supported the resolution. Members of Parliament called on their government to adopt the resolution and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, alongside opening direct and unconditional negotiations with the Palestinians.

The parliament also condemned the recent UNESCO decisions that ignore rights of Jews to Jerusalem, and call on the government to stop payments to UNESCO, in light of the incitement against Israel and the politicization of the organisation.

Following the Czech Parliament’s vote, a special event was held in Prague on the occasion of Jerusalem Day at St. Vitus Cathedral. The event, attended by Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman, was attended by hundreds of Jews and Christians.

The country’s president also sent greetings to an event hosted by the Israeli embassy in honor of Jerusalem Day.