We have often heard that Jeremy Corbyn called Hamas and Hezbollah his friends. This is not a new revelation, the phrase has been bandied about in countless interviews and articles and mentioned over kitchen tables throughout the country. It would appear that most people in Britain know that Corbyn once called Hamas and Hezbollah his friends.

Unfortunately, every interviewer who has asked Jeremy Corbyn why he called Hamas and Hezbollah his friends has failed to hold the Labour leader to account for his comments. They have simply repeated the phrase about calling Hamas and Hezbollah “friends”. Because of this, Corbyn has been able to fob off the allegations and weasel his way out of it by saying he was using “inclusive language” and that “we must speak to everyone”.

In truth, Jeremy Corbyn did more than just call Hamas and Hezbollah his friends, he went on to say that labelling Hamas as a terrorist organisation was a “really big, big, historical mistake”.

“The idea that an organisation that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people and bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the British government is really a big, big historical mistake and I would invite the government to reconsider their position on this matter and start talking directly to Hamas and Hezbollah…”

Very few people have heard this sentence, however, it is not new. Jeremy Corbyn spoke these words immediately after calling Hamas and Hezbollah his friends.

If we take a moment to process this sentence, we can see how warped Corbyn’s ideology really is.

In the first part of the sentence, he is talking about Hamas, which is proscribed (banned) in the United Kingdom. As a criminal organisation, anyone who supports Hamas, is a member of the group or advocates support for it is committing a criminal offence in the UK.

Corbyn described Hamas as being “dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people”. This is odd, because Hamas spends millions of pounds of public money each year not improving living conditions for the poor people of Gaza, but building terror tunnels, arming militants with guns and rockets, training children for Jihad and educating their people to hate Jews, Israel and the West.

Next Corbyn said that Hamas is dedicated to “bringing about long-term peace”. Except, the only peace that Hamas wants is for Israel to be destroyed and the Jews to be driven into the sea. In fact, any Palestinian in Gaza who is suspected of working with the Israelis is arrested or killed for conspiring with the enemy. Hamas doesn’t want to negotiate with Israel, they want to destroy them.

Corbyn said that Hamas is dedicated to “social justice”. This ambiguous phrase has come to mean many things over the years, but whether Corbyn was talking about equal incomes, equal opportunity, child welfare, women’s rights, racial equality, gay rights, free healthcare etc.

The reality, however, is that Hamas has routinely denied Palestinian of “social justice”.  They throw gay men off of buildings. Their racist ideaology means they won’t allow a single Jew to live in Gaza (or any part of the land they call Palestine) and Christians under Hamas are suffering.

Hamas uses and abuses its children for its terrorist aims. Every year around 50,000 Palestinian children attend Hamas’ summer camps, which are military training grounds. And more than 160 Palestinian children have died building terror tunnels. Hamas even spends money on television adverts that promote being “tunnel men” to children, telling them it is more important than being a doctor or a politician. Children are used as human shields by terrorists, both when firing missiles and on the front lines of the Gaza border clashes.

Healthcare in Gaza is suffering, not because of the “occupation”, but because Hamas syphons funds from the international aid given to help its poor and needy citizens and instead uses them for terror activities. Even houses built in Gaza by foreign countries are controlled by Hamas who then sell them to its people to make a profit to fund their terrorism. None of these actions can be called “social justice”, and there is little within Gaza that Hamas has done that could be classed as social justice, but Corbyn still believes this is what Hamas is dedicated to.

Corbyn then said that Hamas is dedicated to “political justice”. This is again another phrase that makes no sense, but one he has repeated. He has on separate occasions defended Hamas as a democratically elected government and says it is fair they are in power. However, Hamas has not held a fair election in Gaza since 2006 when they won power from Fatah. After the election, Hamas killed over 250 political opponents from Fatah and have brutally silenced their political opponents from that point forward.

They have not upheld anything that can correlate to being called “political justice”, in fact, it is quite the opposite. They have instead acted as a brutal dictatorship, ensuring their dominance through intimidation and violence.

He also claimed that Hamas was aiming for all the above things (peace, social justice and political justice) for “the whole region”. This is an odd statement as Hamas only has influence within the Gaza strip.

It could, however, hint to the ideaology held by many Palestinians that Israel is the cause of all wars in the region and that if Israel is destroyed then there will be peace in the region, and some even think the whole world. This is clearly a racist ideology, and we are not saying Corbyn holds this belief. But it seems odd that he feels Hamas, a terrorist organisation is working to bring about “peace” for the “whole region”.

Finally, Corbyn says that the UK government’s proscription of Hamas is a “really a big, big historical mistake”. Why would someone oppose the proscription of a terrorist organisation, and furthermore, why would he label it a “historical mistake”. This is the same wording that Jeremy Corbyn used when he described Britain’s support for the Balfour Declaration.

Corbyn used this wording because he strongly sympathises with the terrorist organisations of Hamas and Hezbollah. He supports their aims and he hates the Jewish state of Israel.

It is a shame that the media only questioned Jeremy Corbyn on the fact he called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends” and did not press him further on this issue. All they needed to do was watch the video for a few moments longer and they will have seen that did not just use “inclusive language”, but instead he endorsed their organisation, defended their aims and condemned Britain for standing against them.

The media’s lack of courage to press this issue has let Jeremy Corbyn off the hook. And in doing so, they have allowed Corbyn to deceive numerous people who will only think he is being misunderstood and the media is misquoting him. The reality is quite the opposite.