Dubbed as the “Middle East Peace Process” by the Sun, it appears David Cameron and Boris Johnson have made peace once more after having a long conversation on a balcony overlooking Jerusalem.

The two political heavyweights clashed during the EU referendum campaign as the former Oxford University friends went head-to-head on opposing sides in a battle that saw them exchange personal insults.

Both men were in Jerusalem for the funeral of Shimon Peres last week and they both stayed at the prestigious King David hotel in Jerusalem. It is here that they “cleared the air” before “putting the world to rights” over whiskey on a balcony overlooking Jerusalem, the Sun reports.

It was friends of Mr Johnson who have told of the encounter and the Sun notes that Boris has been passionately defending Mr Cameron’s legacy since his return from the Holy Land.

He told friends, “It’s not fair at all to say Dave was a bad leader of the party because of how it all ended. He turned it all around and made us electable again, and that was a huge achievement.”

He also said, “Neither Gove nor I wanted him to go after the referendum result, and it was a deep shock to both of us when he did.”

According to the Times of Israel, the King David hotel played host to dozens of world leaders who were attending the funeral of Shimon Peres. The unexpected onrush of world leaders forced the prestigious 85-year-old hotel to clear its rooms of other guests who were already staying there and find alternative accommodation for them in nearby hotels.