Rachel Riley has been targeted over her comments on anti-Semitism on Twitter once again with the hashtag #BoycottRachelRiley trending worldwide on the social media site last night.

Why is Rachel Riley being targeted? Well, Rachel Riley has been the target of far-left haters and pro-Corbyn activists after she started speaking out against anti-Semitism last year. It ramped up further when she decided to take on the far-left news website The Canary, which Riley claims is a ‘fake news site’, urging advertisers to stop their adverts appearing on the site.

In a Tweet, she wrote that the site “says it’s not anti-Semitic to compare Israel to Nazis” and accused it of defending “anti-Semites ‘like Jackie Walker”.

Her post was aimed at eBay as she pointed out to the online shopping giant that adverts for it were appearing on the left-wing site. She signed it off with the hashtag SFFN, which stands for Stop Funding Fake News.

eBay responded by saying it would remove its adverts from the site.

The shopping site tweeted: ‘Thanks for letting us know and eBay believes in equality for all, which is what our platform is based upon and hear your concerns. We’re getting this ad removed asap. Thanks for flagging, Team eBay’

Other groups have also stopped advertising on the site, including the charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

Riley also called for advertisers to remove adverts from two other left-wing sites and two far-right wing sites, all of whom had made anti-Semitic statements.

The hate against Rachel Riley increased dramatically with the hashtag #BoycottRachelRiley becoming one of Twitter’s trending hashtags this week.

After the Twitter trend went viral, Countdown came to Riley’s defence, ridiculing the calls to boycott her.

The official Countdown twitter account tweeted saying, ‘So, yes, we’re going to boycott @RachelRileyRR tomorrow. “I’ll start with a vowel please, Rachel…….. Rachel? Where are you? Get me a vowel, hurry up, come on…….” Unlikely. Can we boycott people saying “can I get a vowel” instead?’

Riley also got support from other celebrities, including comedian Katherine Ryan, who tweeted, “Being looped in with Rachel on social media provides a harrowing insight into the disgusting vitriol and VERY REAL anti-Semitism she and people of Jewish faith experience. I absolutely stand with her and against that.”

Rachel Riley responded, “Literally just burst into tears reading that. Thanks Katherine.”

Riley also thanked the outpouring of support from a swathe of people online, saying: “Haters gotta hate, racists gotta raist, and I’m gonna carry on regardless.

“To the ordinary decent people standing up for me – thank you!!! And remember to keep the dog and cat pics coming, it’s that time again! #BeLouder.”

Earlier this month Riley criticised a Labour councillor Jo Bird for making jokes about ‘Jew process’ and altering the words of a poem about the Holocaust during a speech.

She called the comments “stomach-turning” and said anti-Semitism in the party is “beyond a joke and deeply worrying”.

One of the people who started abusing Riley on Twitter is Labour’s candidate for Mayfield who has since deleted or deactivated his Twitter account, showing further concern for the Labour party’s handling of anti-Semitism in its ranks.

Earlier this year, Rachel revealed the abuse she receives online has got worse and now includes physical threats.

She told The Times newspaper: “The more I speak, the more abuse I get, and the more abuse I get, the more I speak.

“It’s got to the point where I can’t look at my Twitter feed any more … it’s just a constant stream.”