Iran’s boasting that it has a hypersonic missile (that can reach Israeli targets in 400 seconds and evade anti-missile systems) didn’t last long before Israel announced this week that it has developed a counter missile. The state-of-the-art weapon is named Sky Sonic and would be used to strike out of the sky any hypersonic missile fired at Israel. Israel will unveil Sky Sonic next week during the Paris Air Show. As this is unveiled before the world, pray that the enemies of Israel resign to the fact that their evil agenda is in vain. Praise the Lord that Israel is always one step ahead in defending its land and its people. Pray that such weaponry never has to be used. However, we take comfort in the promise that the One who defends Israel is not sleeping. The God of Israel will protect His people.

There have been further reports this week that British universities (an additional three named), have been collaborating with Iranian scientists on projects that could be used by Iran for military purposes. Some of the partnerships could have likely breached UK sanctions imposed on Iran, which raises questions how these British universities didn’t apply due diligence in approving the projects. Pray that the UK Foreign Secretary will follow up on the commitment he made this week in Parliament to investigate the claims. And pray that if the reports are founded, any expertise shared with Iran will stop and not be damaging to Israel or to the UK and our allies. If the investigation by the Foreign Secretary proves claims that the UK has assisted Iran in its drone development and other military purposes, he will be faced with the fact that these programmes are actually overseen by the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps). The IRGC should be banned. Pray for the success of the CUFI campaign calling upon the British government to proscribe it and pray for those MPs who this week boldly spoke out in the Houses of Parliament calling upon the Foreign Secretary to act.

Thank you for praying with us today.

“I will set My glory among the nations; all the nations shall see My judgment which I have executed, and My hand which I have laid on them.” – Ezekiel 39:21