Alex and Alastair discuss the anouncement that two more nations, Fiji and Congo, plan on opening embassies in Jerusalem. They explain the unique discovery of an ancient Scripture message reading “Jesus guard me” that was found on the ruins of a Byzentine monastery in Israel. They talk about how the city of Hamburg has taken steps to right the wrongs of Kristallnacht with the rebuilding of a synagogue that was destroyed by the Nazis and how officials performed a powerful symbolic gesture to mark the event. They also discuss Israel’s aid to Ukraine to defend nuclear facilities from attack and the shocking response from Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman that insulted the memory of the Holocaust.

This is episode 29 of the For Zion’s Sake Podcast from Christians United for Israel UK. CUFI UK is a Christian pro-Israel organisation that supports Israel and the Jewish people. We are spreading the truth about Israel and countering the lies. We believe Christians have a Biblical mandate to stand with Israel and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We will not keep silent.

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