The United Nations has once again shown its absurdity as it has elected Iran, one of the worst human rights abusers and the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to two prominent positions. The vice president of the UN General Assembly and to the UN Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

It is absurd to think that the UN would be this blind. Last week, Iran was bragging about a new hypersonic missile, a weapon that no Western nation has. They advertised it on billboards in Iran saying it could reach Israel in 400 seconds. Not only was this the opposite of “Disarmament” it was also a threat to Israel and to “International Security”. How then has the UN thought Iran is suitable to be part of a committee that is to encourage disarmament and ensure international security when they themselves are one of its more egregious rule breakers.

The second insult was making Iran the vice president of the UN’s General Assembly. Iran is being honoured while it brutally cracks down on its citizens protests and even imprisons and executes those who stand up to the regime.

“This decision, which defies all logic and reason, is an insult to the millions of Iranians protesting for their basic freedoms,” stated Israel’s Foreign Ministry.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of United Nations Watch, reported the news and said, “This is a regime that defies U.N. arms embargoes, tramples the human rights of its own citizens and foments terrorism across the globe.”

Michael Freund, chairman of Shavei Israel, tweeted: “The #Ayatollahs murder their own people, suppress democracy, threaten to destroy #Israel, sponsor #terrorism & are rushing to build a nuclear bomb. So today the #UN rewarded #Iran by electing them VP of the General Assembly. Insane! #DefundtheUN.”

Ambassador Robert Wood, the US Alternative Representative for Special Political Affairs, delivered a statement of protest that said, in part: “Given Iran’s persistent violations of U.N. Security Council resolution 2231, including pertaining to its ballistic-missile program, its ongoing efforts to undermine international security and its failure to fully cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a representative of Iran’s government is unfit to serve in a leadership position within this committee, even if such a position is largely ceremonial.” Again and again, Iran continues to take actions within its borders and throughout the world that inflict violence, violate human rights, and incite conflict. Moreover, it continues to transfer arms in violation of UN arms embargoes.

“It is especially troublesome to see a representative of Iran’s government serve in this committee’s leadership, which aims to address the very security problems Tehran itself perpetuates.

“Iran’s direct support for Russia’s war against Ukraine is just one example of its active efforts to undermine international peace and security. Iran has transferred at least 400 armed UAVs to Russia, which Russia has used to target critical infrastructure and kill civilians in Ukraine. UN Security Council resolution 2231 prohibits the transfer of certain types of UAVs, including some that Iran has transferred to Russia.

“Such support is characteristic of the destabilizing role Iran has played abroad, including in the Middle East. It has consistently exported violence and weaponry to neighboring countries, causing death and destruction from Syria to Iraq to Yemen, and elsewhere.

“Finally, Iran has continued to expand its uranium enrichment activities, operate advanced centrifuges, and accumulate stocks of highly enriched uranium. The IAEA continues to report outstanding concerns regarding the possible presence of nuclear material at some locations in Iran. Iran’s continued failure to provide its full cooperation means that the IAEA remains unable to confirm the correctness and completeness of Iran’s declarations under its Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement or to provide assurance that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively peaceful.

“The first resolution this committee ever passed aimed to address the problems raised by the discovery of atomic energy. That Iran will now serve as Rapporteur of this committee, while failing to fully cooperate with the IAEA, undermines the credibility of this committee’s work.

“While we fully respect the prerogatives of the regional groups to select their candidates for UN offices, we ask the groups to consider those selections carefully and responsibly. It is absurd beyond contemplation that Iran would serve in a position of leadership on the General Assembly’s committee on disarmament and international security. We call on the Iranian government to end its contravention of UNSCR 2231, to stop undermining international peace and security, and to cooperate fully with the IAEA. Until it does, we will continue to oppose Iran’s attempts at leadership throughout the UN system.”

This year, we want to do more to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

We know that as we bless Israel this year, God will bless us, just as He promised in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Now is the time to bless Israel and the Jewish people.