The UN and Palestinian Authority have launched an appeal to raise $350 million to address the Palestinians humanitarian needs. However, the budget the PA has to pay terrorists and their families is around $355 million a year.

Not only that but if the PA stopped its “Pay for Slay” policy, it would be given the $215 million dollars the US is currently withholding from them!

If the Palestinian Authority simply ended their “Pay to Slay” policy, they would have enough to support their own people. Instead, however, they are once again asking the nations of the world to reach into their pockets, and no doubt they will.

The JPost asked the question, “Is the UN Asking the World to Fund the PA’s Pay for Slay Policy

“Instead of the UN asking donor countries to contribute $350 million to provide Palestinian ‘humanitarian needs,’ the UN should be joining the unequivocal call from many governments that the PA immediately stop squandering the $355 million dollars of its own funds on its ‘Pay for Slay’ policy that incentivizes and rewards terrorism, and instead spend that money on needy Palestinians,” said Maurice Hirsch, head of legal strategies at  Palestinian Media Watch.

Hirsch said that abolishing the “Pay for Slay” policy would re-open the door for the PA to receive the approximately $215 million dollars of US aid, which has been withheld by the American Taylor Force Act. This will avert the imminent deduction by Israel of the PA’s expenditures on salaries for terrorists and their families from the tax revenues Israel collects and transfers to them. He said it would also ensure that the PA would not lose funding from Australia and the Netherlands.

“The so-called Palestinian humanitarian crisis is a self-imposed crisis created by the PA leaders,” Hirsch said. “The leaders of the PA have repeatedly made their moral bankruptcy crystal clear by saying, that even if they only have one penny left in the bank, they will spend it on the terrorists before any other Palestinians. It is altogether unclear why the UN’s OCHA has decided that it is appropriate to assist the PA in raising the funds it needs to support its pugnacious policy of financially rewarding terrorists.”

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