Sussex University students’ Union has endorsed boycotts of Israel, in a move which has been ‘unequivocally condemned’ by the Union of Jewish students.

The university held a referendum to ban Israeli goods on campus, with nearly 70% of the vote in favour of the ban.

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) released a statement in which they unequivocally condemned “the use of  boycotts against Israel along with all other forms of BDS.”

It continues: “UJS has been supporting Jewish students at Sussex in their efforts to fight the boycott referendum and UJS will continue to support our members in the face of the BDS movement.”

Speaking to Huff Post, Salah Eldin, a member of the Sussex Friends of Palestine society, said: “It was great seeing so much support”, adding “I hope more universities in the UK and everywhere would join the BDS movement.”

Source: Jewish News