Pressure is mounting on Liz Truss to not move the British embassy in Israel after she repeatedly promised to review its location. Sadly, part of the opposition as been from the head of the Church of England, who expressed ‘concern’, and the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, who has warned that it would be ‘seriously damaging’. But we know for certain that this does not represent the millions of Christians in this nation who believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the British embassy should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

It is really important that the UK government hears the Christian conviction on this issue and not just a politicised, unbiblical and compromising narrative. We’re thankful to all those who have signed the UK Pledge for Jerusalem, which is quickly gaining numbers, calling upon Liz Truss to move the embassy (click here to add your name). Now we are asking that you take an additional action by writing to the Prime Minister to make the Christian voice heard. This is especially important right now as opposition intensifies. We want to make sure Liz Truss knows she has our full support on this issue.

CUFI has provided recommended wording in an automated form. Please note that the wording is “as a Christian” and we understand if some people may like to edit the wording.


Never before has the UK been this close to recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Let us pray and act in one accord for Zion’s sake.

The letter reads:

Dear Prime Minister,

I am very pleased to learn of your plan to review the location of the British embassy in Israel and ask that you go ahead and move the embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

I realise that there is pressure to discourage the Government’s decision, but as a Christian, I would like my voice heard. I want you to know that you have my full support if you decide to move the embassy.

Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for thousands of years. This is supported by the Bible, by history, by the present reality and, contrary to what opponents claim, international law.

As is so often the case, the world singles out the only Jewish state telling it that it cannot determine its own capital. But the UK, under your government, is on the cusp of taking the UK-Israel relationship to a new level of strength. I would like to thank you for your bold stand with Israel and implore you to cement this commitment by doing the right thing and move the embassy to Jerusalem.

The decision by the United States to move its embassy in 2018 was preceded by a campaign of ‘project fear’. None of the predications from so-called experts warning of disaster came to pass. In fact, soon after, the historic Abraham Accords were signed, marking the most significant peace agreement in the Middle East in a generation. I believe that the UK should adopt a positive outlook about the future of Jerusalem and the future of the UK-Israel relationship rejecting the restrictive negativity, compromise and fear.

We all desire to see peace in Jerusalem, but this will not be determined by the location of Britain’s embassy and I’m sure Israel would never agree to a peace agreement that denies Jerusalem as its capital.

The Abraham Accords have given us a glimpse of what normalisation could look like, with Israel building close relationships with previously hostile states.

We cannot wait for Palestinian leaders or the terror group Hamas to endorse normal ties with Israel because it will never happen until they turn away from terrorism. We say that we will not give in to terror, so therefore we must not give in to intimidation by terrorists.

Like the USA, we can also make clear that the UK decision doesn’t interfere or undermine the potential for future peace talks. It is also discriminatory that the UK already has a consulate in Jerusalem only for Palestinians not Israelis. This can be corrected simply by opening an embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.

I am tired of reading responses from MPs that speak of two-state solutions, peace talks that don’t exist and no new ideas on how to achieve either objective.

The Abraham Accords have proven that aiming for normal relations is the way to make progress and the UK moving its embassy to Israel’s chosen capital city would reflect the reality on the ground.

Please show Israel that the United Kingdom really does mean what we say, when we declare that Britain stands with Israel. You have my full support and backing to do the right thing and move the UK embassy to Jerusalem.

This letter is copied to the Foreign Secretary and my constituency MP for information.