Turkey’s president recently announced that he wants Turkey to be renamed as Türkiye (pronounce Tourkia). Some, such as this BBC report, speculate that it is to distance itself from the bird commonly associated with Christmas dinner. But there is a more serious reason. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to rebrand Turkey on the international stage. It fits with his ambitions for greater influence and expand its global footprint. Turkey is expected to submit an official name-change request to the United Nations in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, Israel confirmed on Tuesday that the President Herzog is planning to visit Turkey next month as relations between the two countries thaw. Erdogan has made a number of statements about possible cooperation with Israel, but it also comes at a time of increasing tensions between Turkey and Greece, a valued ally of Israel with various economic and military cooperates. Earlier this week, Turkey’s president gave a latest warning to Greece accusing it of armouring the Aegean Islands.

  • Pray for President Herzog ahead of the expected visit to Turkey in the coming weeks.

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