Nuremberg city council has banned an anti-Semitic photography exhibit from taking place in the city, sparking outrage by pro-Palestinian activists.

Nuremberg city council took the decision to ban a group of artists from erecting an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic exhibit at the Nuremberg Left Literature Fair.

The fair takes place each year in the city-owned Künstlerhaus cultural center and Mayor of Nuremberg Ulrich Maly (Social Democratic Party) had prohibited the building’s use for a well-known anti-Semitic program.

The program in question was a photography exhibit on the so-called Cologne Wailing Wall — a controversial interactive art installation that was on display in Cologne’s Cathedral square on and off since 1991. There creator Walter Herrmann, who died this year, invited passersby to write their opinions of the Jewish state on pieces of cardboard.

Historically adorning the “wall” have been such slogans as, “Hitler is the past, but Israel is the present.” Alongside the slogans, a painting showed a man draped in an American flag and a Star of David devouring a boy on the end of a fork. In his other hand, the man held a knife with the word “Gaza” on it. Next to the dinner plate stood a glass of blood.

Jewish organisations, political parties and the mayor of Cologne have accused Herrmann of spreading anti-Semitic sentiments.

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