A shocking video of Muslim school children in London singing a song calling for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews at an Iranian run school has been reported last week.

The video was a propaganda video for the regime and part of it was shot earlier this year at the Islamic Centre of England (ICE) and in the playground of the Islamic Republic of Iran School (IRIS) near Queen’s Park station in northwest London, two arms of the Iranian regime in the heart of London.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that the children are shown singing lyrics to an Iranian song titled, “Hello Coammander”.

The children, aged between eight and 15, sing their allegiance to their “commander”, Ayatollah Khamenei. The lyrics include: “Without you [Khamenei], this life has no meaning. This life comes alive when you are here for me.”

They then sing about an Islamic end-time theology about the belief of the return of the Mahdi who will lead Muslim forces in the war of the apocalypse, accompanied by 313 fighters.

The children sing: “We wait for under the flag of our leaders. Tell me beloved, will you arrive soon? May Allah hasten your reappearance…

“We may be young but do not see us as too young. For you I will rise up and you will not see me fall. From the 313, you will see I will answer the call… Take my oath of loyalty as a warrior and servant.”

The song lyrics imply that the children will join the warriors in the fight against Allah’s enemies, and we know from teachings from Ayatollah Khamenei that their religious viewpoint is that Israel is the worst enemy that must be defeated.

This song’s popularity has been praised by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as an example of people’s loyalty to the his corrupt regime.

Kasra Aarabi, the head of the Iran Programme at the Tony Blair Institute, told the JC that the “cult” of Mahdi doctrine is now driving Iranian regime policy and its attempts to radicalise Shia Muslims.

“It is antisemitic to its core”, he said, “because it holds that before the Mahdi can return, Israel must be destroyed and all the world’s Jews put to death”.

Mr Aarabi said that those who accepted the doctrine believed this would be accomplished by the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard, using its militias and advanced weapons such as ballistic missiles and — if Iran were to get the bomb — nuclear weapons. “The rise of the military doctrine of Mahdi-ism is the biggest single threat to the world’s Jewish communities and Israel’s existence”, he said.

As mentioned above, the Islamic Centre of England was involved in the filming of this video. The ICE is currently under investigation by British authorities.

A Jewish Chronicle investigation revealed:

The ICE has hosted numerous speakers over many years who have spewed a torrent of Jew-hatred. In recent weeks, these included an ayatollah who says Jews were responsible for killing of Muslims in Burma and that Zionism “harms all mankind”.

The ICE is one of several centres across Britain and Europe that are controlled by Iran. Police and security services uncovered links to terrorism at one pro-regime hub in Germany.

The ICE and its northern UK counterpart, the Manchester Islamic Centre, have hosted prominent Labour politicians including Jeremy Corbyn the year before he became party leader. He made a speech at the ICE in 2014 on what he called “The Case for Iran”.

There is also a likely connection between these organisations and the Islamic Human Rights Centre (IHRC) which runs the infamous anti-Israel ‘Al Quds’ rallies in London. This is also likely funded by the Iranian regime.

We must pray for our nation, that those who seeks Israel’s destruction will not be able to corrupt the hearts and minds of British children to hate the Jewish people. Especially as this school and Islamic centre are so close to Jewish communities living in our capital.

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