King Charles has been filmed dancing a traditional Jewish dance with Holocaust survivors at a Hanukkah celebration in London.

The King surprised guests at Friday’s Hanukkah reception held annually for Holocaust survivors, and joined a group that included Anne Frank’s step-sister on the dance floor.

Apparently the survivors were expecting a special guest, but didn’t know it was going to be King Charles. He told one of those present that the Jewish music played during the dance, known as the hora, reminded him of Scottish country dancing, the Jewish News said.

Among those who danced with the King was 93-year-old Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s step-sister and a Nazi concentration camp survivor.

“He was sweet. He really took part. He seemed to enjoy it,” she told the Telegraph. She then lamented antisemitism in England, and expressed hope that Charles would help improve the situation for Jews in the country.

The King was presented with a menorah bearing the inscription, “One person’s candle provides the light to many.”

The visit was part of a tour of the JW3 community centre. At the beginning of his visit to the community center, the King joined students from a nearby school as they wrapped donated gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas. After the gift-wrapping session, he met with volunteers in JW3’s kitchen who prepare food packages for those in need throughout the year. The royal family’s statement explained that JW3 distributes 200 food packages and over 2,000 meals to locals in need every week.

The King has always had a good relationship with the UK’s Jewish communities. He was good friends with the late Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and continues to have a good relationship with the UK’s current chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, the Jerusalem Post reports.




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