Iran is pursuing the construction of drone factories in Belarus and Russia, the Institute for the Study of War has reported in its daily update.

In a meeting yesterday in Tehran with the Belarusian defence minister, the general staff chief of the Iranian armed forces called for greater defence industry cooperation between the two countries.

Officials from both countries are also believed to have discussed establishing Shahed kamikaze drone factories in Belarus to support the Russian war at the meeting.

Ukraine claimed in May that Iranian engineers were exploring how to convert factories in the Belarusian city of Gomel into drone production facilities.

A month later, the Biden administration revealed that Iran was helping Russia build a drone manufacturing factory in the town of Yelabuga.

Such factories would allow Russia to acquire Iranian drones more readily without having to transport them via the Middle East. It would also provide a boost to the Iranian economy, which is experiencing inflation of around 47%. 

Iran has signed long-term strategic agreements with both Russia and Belarus.

Source: Sky News

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