Hamas has threatened that an explosion will occur in Israel unless the blockade on the Gaza Strip is lifted.

The spokesman of the Palestinian terrorist group’s military division issued the threat via local Channel 2, in Israel. The threat was issued during a non-disclosed event, where a model of an Israeli bus that exploded in Jerusalem last week, for which Hamas claimed responsibility, was presented.

Ismail Haniyeh, a deputy leader of the terrorist organization, also spoke during the event, referring to the bus explosion as an example that the terrorist group has not given up the option of resistance against Israel.

Thursday’s threat came as Israeli Jews were celebrating the culmination of the Passover holiday.

The blockade of the Gaza Strip refers to the sanctions that have been levied against the terrorist group, who has been in control of the area since 2005. They have been classified as an anti-semitic terrorist group since the 1990s for their systematic violence against Israel.

In order for the blockade to be lifted, Hamas must vow to renounce violence against Israel. They must also agree to recognize Israel and honour all previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.