German police reportedly removed an Israeli flag from a football stadium on Sunday, citing “fear of Palestinian violence.”

The Jewish flag was reportedly brought by German fans to the football game. Israeli football player Almog Cohen took to Twitter to discuss the incident, which occurred during a match between FC Ingolstadt, which he plays for, and Union Berlin. “Today, an Israeli flag was removed during an away match against Union Berlin. This was a flag brought by German fans which was removed by local security guards,” Cohen tweeted. The police reportedly told him “No Jewish flags” when he asked if other flags were also being taken down, The Jerusalem Post reported, citing German tabloid Bild. “This is the only pitch in which this has happened,” he tweeted. Bild reported that the flag was taken down forcibly due to “fear of Palestinian violence”. The Jerusalem Post had reported in 2010 that the German city of Kassel had banned the display of Israeli flags at a meet protesting anti-Semitism. Source: International Business Times