European Jewish organizations along with French Jewish community leaders are urging authorities to investigate a suspected antisemitic murder of a Jewish man.

The victim, Eyal Haddad (left in the above picture), 34, was murdered in Longperrier, just northeast of Paris, on August 20 by his neighbour, a Muslim man identified as Mohamed Dridi, who confessed to killing him with an axe and attempting to burn and bury the body, according to a statement by the National Bureau of Vigilance against Antisemitism (BNVCA).

The BNVCA said the suspect turned himself in to the police and told officers that Haddad, who lived next door to him, owed him 100 euros and had not returned them. He later also confessed that he had killed Haddad because he was Jewish.

Though Haddad was originally from Djerba, Tunisia his family now lives in Beersheba, Israel. Haddad also had Israeli citizenship.

The suspect, who allegedly beat Haddad with an axe, had shown support for several pro-Palestinian terror groups and even posted images of himself burning an Israeli flag on his social media.

Despite outcries from the Jewish community over the brutality of the murder and the apparent antisemitic motivation, French authorities have been silent about the case.

“The homicide was allegedly committed by a Muslim suspect. Concern is heightened by the silence surrounding this case,” the BNVCA said.

French authorities have come under significant scrutiny and criticism in recent years for failing to recognize the antisemitic nature of crimes against Jews in the country and properly prosecute them.


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