As we approach the end of 2018 and look ahead to the New Year, we would like to thank you for standing with Christians United for Israel UK.

We recognise that with your help, and the Lord’s leading, we’ve continued to raise the banner of support for Israel in this nation.

As we enter 2019, all eyes will be on how the UK implements Brexit. Amid concerns and debate about what the future holds for the UK, we wish to draw our leaders’ attention to an issue that must not be overlooked at this time of important national change.

Standing with Israel and the Jewish people is a country’s barometer for blessing (Genesis 12:3). It is our prayer at CUFI that the UK bless Israel through strengthening its ties, but also take a higher level of moral support for the Jewish state.

Making a difference in 2018

This is why in 2018 we called for Britain to get off the fence at the morally corrupt and appallingly biased United Nations. Whilst not perfect by any means, we have seen an improvement in the UK’s voting record. 

We have also continued to pressure our government to take a bolder approach in defending Israel’s actions against terror at its borders. Britain’s default foreign policy on Israel has been robustly challenged this year through thousands of emails from CUFI supporters like you. In 2019 we seek to continue calling upon the government to condemn Israel’s enemies whenever and wherever they rise against the Jewish state, and to especially stop funding terror with our foreign aid!

We have also called for the full banning of Lebanese terror group, Hezbollah. Over 20,000 CUFI supporters have signed our petition and we feel the government is very close to announcing the proscription. With a further push in 2019, we believe we can finally see the banning of this terror group that has called for the destruction of Israel, yet is allowed freedom on our streets.

Support CUFI UK – stand with Israel in 2019

And let’s not forget that 2018 will be known as the year that the extent of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party was fully revealed.  It has been a difficult year for the Jewish community in the UK as the debate around Jeremy Corbyn’s attitudes towards Israel and Zionists has exposed deeply rooted anti-Semitic feelings within society, expressed both online and in some cases on the streets.

It has been our privilege to stand with the Jewish community during this year. Over 15,000 CUFI supports voiced solidarity with the Jewish community through our Christians Against Anti-Semitism Declaration. An aspect of this declaration was fulfilled when the Church of England gave formal recognition to the International Holocaust Definition on Anti-Semitism – something CUFI has been calling upon the Archbishop of Canterbury to do.


We can be encouraged. This year we’ve seen Britain’s first ever official Royal Visit to Israel, and Israel-Britain trade and bilateral cooperation is booming with unprecedented predictions for 2019.

With your support, thousands of letters have been sent to MPs and hundreds of thousands have heard the truth through our social media, magazines and other communications. 

But there is still much to be done to see Britain align itself with the plans and purposes of God. We know that as we continue our work to defend Israel and share the truth, you are standing with us in this important work.

Please can you help us do more in 2019? We want to take our campaign efforts to a new level. We need to reach even more Christians with the truth about Israel. Our heart is for a transformation in Westminster, the church and across the land. Will you stand with us in 2019? Please consider making a donation today to CUFI UK as we seek to defend Israel and the Jewish people and raise the Christian banner for Israel in this nation.

Through either a one-time or monthly donation, your support is greatly appreciated.

May you and your family have a blessed 2019.

The team Christians United for Israel UK