Please join us in asking the UK government to take action regarding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that oversees Palestinian refugees.

  • Palestinian refugee status is deliberately misleading with many of the 5.6 million not even living in the Middle East. 
  • UNRWA schools are teaching the hatred of Jews.
  • The UK taxpayer is funding this failed institution which undermines Israel and perpetuates the conflict.

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On 1st May 2020, UNRWA had been operationally active for seventy years.

It was designed as a short-term fix to look after 740,000 Arab refugees who were displaced, either by fighting or under specific orders from their Arab leaders, after five Arab nations attacked nascent Israel in 1948.

The evidence of the last 70 years shows that the organisation has failed.

UNRWA’s mission has no connection to a peace settlement, its bespoke and frankly perverse hereditary refugee policy has seen 740,000 refugees become 5.6 million, with some so-called refugees living comfortably in other countries. UNRWA, unlike UNHCR that oversees all other refugee situations elsewhere around the world, has no limits to its recognition of refugees, allowing unlimited generations of descendants, including those born in other countries or who are citizens of those countries, to continue to be classified as refugees in perpetuity.

It has created dependency, with Palestinians having little control over local services. It employs members of terrorist organisations. UNRWA schools and hospitals are used as arms caches for Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the organisation is riven with corruption.

But perhaps the most harmful UNRWA legacy is that Palestinian children are taught in UNRWA schools to hate Jewish people.

The UK, and the international community, pump millions of dollars into UNRWA every year. Unless that stops, we will have a new generation of terrorists, more attacks and no peace.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in 2018, “UNRWA is an organization that perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem, and perpetuates also the narrative of the so-called right of return, whose goal is the elimination of Israel. For these reasons, UNRWA should be shut down.” He added, “UNRWA’s aid money should be transferred gradually to the UNHCR, which has clear criteria for supporting true refugees, and not the fake refugee status we have today under UNRWA.”

ACT NOW – Email your MP

The Palestinians cannot be abandoned but it’s now clear that UNRWA is interwoven into and part of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. It is incumbent on the UK to take a lead on resolving problems rather than perpetuating them, and it is equally right that the public can demand accountability for the use of taxpayers’ money that funds UNRWA.

UNRWA would be better prioritising the creation of an environment where peace can be achieved between Israel and the Palestinians.

Please click on the link below to send an email with suggested wording to your MP putting pressure on the Foreign Secretary to support the necessary steps to replace UNRWA with a mission working under the rules of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).



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