As we approach 100 days since the 7th October massacre by Hamas, it is important to keep pressure on the UK Parliament to support Israel. 

Please take a moment to email your MP, using our automated form, even if you have contacted them about Israel’s plight already. Our suggested wording asks them to assure you that they will support Israel’s right to defend itself throughout the remainder of the war until it achieves its objectives of freeing the remaining hostages and removing Hamas from power in Gaza. Any premature end to the war that leaves Hamas in power would allow it to rearm and prepare for further atrocities against civilians, inevitably leading to another round of violence. We ask the question whether their attitude towards Israel is the same as it would be if similar terrorist attacks had been perpetrated against the UK, and it was our armed forces responding to them.

The letter also calls upon MPs to do everything they can to increase international pressure for the hostages to be freed. Over the past one hundred days, we have also seen a worrying rise in antisemitism. It is shameful that Jew-hatred is occurring on our streets – sometimes without prosecution. The solidarity shown by the Government and Opposition to the Jewish community has been welcomed, but more must be done.

It is shocking, and a sad reflection of the state of our nation, how solidarity for Hamas has garnered support since the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. Hamas-sympathizers are loud and relentless, and their voice is being heard in the media, at universities and by your Member of Parliament. This is why it’s so important to use your voice so your MP hears the truth.